Patyczki do Lodów z Drewna Brzozowego


With pride, we present our offer at – unique ice cream sticks made of birch wood. We are a long-established manufacturer with extensive experience, ready to meet even the biggest challenges of the ice cream season. Discover why our wooden sticks are the perfect choice for the upcoming ice cream season!

Why choose Birch Wood Ice Cream Sticks from Patyczki Myjak?

  1. Ecology and Sustainable Development: Environmental responsibility is a crucial element in today’s business. Our sticks are fully biodegradable, not only caring for the environment but also increasing consumer trust.
  2. Aesthetics and Uniqueness: Birch wood adds elegance to our sticks, making ice cream not only a tasty experience but also an aesthetic one. The uniqueness of the wood catches the eye and distinguishes our products from the competition.
  3. Versatility and User Comfort: Our ice cream sticks also function perfectly as spoons, enhancing the comfort of enjoying ice cream on a stick. This practical solution is appreciated not only by individual customers but also by large catering companies.
  4. High Product Quality: Our ice cream sticks are made of the highest quality birch wood, ensuring durability and consistent flavor qualities. As a manufacturer with extensive experience, we understand the importance of both ecology and product quality.

Innovations in the Offer for Ice Cream Companies:

In addition to classic ice cream sticks, we also offer:

  • Ice Cream Spoons: Comfortable, wooden spoons that make the enjoyment of ice cream even more pleasant.
  • Sticks with Burned Logo: Personalization is the key to visibility in the market. Therefore, we propose sticks with a burned company logo, further enhancing the recognizability of your products.

Experience You Can Rely On:

As a long-standing manufacturer with rich experience, we are ready to deliver the highest quality products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our ice cream sticks are a guarantee of success!

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