Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cutlery


Is it worth using wooden cutlery?

Disposable wooden cutlery is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and convenience of use. However, they have their supporters and opponents. The discussion involves the advantages and disadvantages of the products. What features influence the value of wooden cutlery?

Advantages of disposable wooden cutlery

The main advantage of disposable tableware is associated with the material of manufacture, namely – wood. The raw material for the production of cutlery is obtained in accordance with the guidelines of sustainable economy, so it does not lead to degeneration of the ecosystem. In comparison, plastic, which is also used for the production of cutlery, takes up to five hundred years to decompose. So there is no doubt that wooden cutlery is definitely less harmful to the environment.

Another benefit is the convenience of using the products. The lightness and handiness of wooden forks, knives or spoons increases their functional value. Cutlery can be used to consume a variety of dishes, both hot soups, meat dishes, and salads, and also cold desserts. It is worth noting that the high practical value goes hand in hand with aesthetic values. The abundance of shapes, sizes, and types makes it possible for the cutlery to become a subtle, elegant decoration of family parties, company reunions, or meetings with friends.

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Disadvantages of disposable wooden cutlery

To say that disposable wooden cutlery only has strengths would be a big misnomer. Of course, the products also have their drawbacks. One of the most significant defects is the risk of deformation. The source of problems is the specific nature of the raw material: wood is a material susceptible to moisture, the long-term influence of which leads to changes in the structure of cutlery. It should be emphasized, however, that the risk usually concerns low-quality wood products or is caused by improper storage of finished products. Deformations therefore depend both on the course of the production process and on the behaviour of the consumer himself.

Opponents of the use of disposable wooden cutlery also point out the economic aspect. Wooden products are more expensive than plastic ones. This disproportion is particularly important for owners of catering establishments who buy cutlery in huge amounts. It is worth noting, however, that the profits and benefits of choosing wooden cutlery often compensate for the initial cost. How is this possible? The use of wooden products influences the pro-ecological image of the company. Giving up plastic is associated with a reduction in waste and pollution. Thanks to this, customers using the services can perceive the owners as conscious, responsible citizens. There is then a good chance that they will appreciate the efforts and decide to visit the premises again.

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