How is post-consumer wood recycled?


In the process of manufacturing wood products, some of the material is destroyed. However, the resulting waste can be reused. What is wood recycling?

Recycling post consumer wood – what should you know?

Post-consumer wood is the raw material resulting from the processing of wood, which due to its low service life is classified as waste. The recycling process makes it possible to reuse post-consumer wood. The processing of the material consists of several basic steps. Wood recycling consists of shredding the waste material, which is then separated from other raw materials generated during production.

Depending on the grade, the wood chips obtained in this way can fulfil new functions in various fields. Wood waste is often turned into sawdust, which is used primarily in horticulture and agriculture. In addition, recycled wood is used to produce construction materials such as chipboard and fibreboard. Wood recycling also yields fuel materials such as charcoal. Biological processing of wood waste, on the other hand, forms the basis for the production of compost.

The advantages of recycling – a brief overview

Recycling wood is fundamental to protecting the ecosystem. Why? Reusing wood waste reduces deforestation. Moreover, it contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution. It is also worth noting the economic aspect of recycling. Using recycled wood reduces the cost of manufacturing wood products. Therefore, recycling of post-consumer wood is beneficial for consumers as well as entrepreneurs and business owners.

In the production of our products, such as ice cream sticks, wooden cutlery, spatulas and stirrers, we pay attention to proper management of raw materials. Our raw material is obtained only from legal supplies confirmed by the FSC 100% certificate.

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