Wooden cutlery - how is it made?


Disposable wooden cutlery continues to gain popularity in many industries. However, not all users know how the products are manufactured. In order to avoid misunderstandings and to avoid succumbing to myths, it is worth taking a closer look at the manufacturing steps of wooden cutlery. What aspects determine the quality of wooden products?

Wooden cutlery from A to Z – the production process in a nutshell

Contrary to what you might think, the work of creating disposable wooden cutlery does not start in the factory, but much earlier. The first, crucial stage is the selection of the right wood. The raw material should, above all, be of very good quality, without knots or cracks, and should be strong and durable . Birch and beech wood, among others, are characterised by such properties. A key issue is the origin of the wood, which must be from legal and safe sources.

The selection of high-grade wood allows you to move on to the next phase, and that is – the processing of the material. Wooden cutlery will only fulfil its function if it is properly cut and smoothed. The ideal shape and smoothness of wood cutlery can be achieved by using modern technological solutions. It is essential to produce a high-quality veneer strip, from which the correct shapes of wooden cutlery are then manufactured. The production machines should produce a large quantity of the range while maintaining the highest quality of each product. The next stage is the process of drying and cleaning the products. Only wood products with the right moisture content and smoothness can be passed on to the next production stages.

The production of wooden cutlery does not end when the machines are switched off. Equally important are the subsequent processes: packaging and storage of the finished products. Packaging and quality control are carried out according to defined procedures. Only products of the right quality will finally be delivered to the customer. Disposable wooden cutlery should be stored under strictly controlled conditions. This is the only way to preserve the high value of the wooden cutlery obtained in the earlier stages.

A reliable wooden cutlery manufacturer – how to recognise it?

It is worth choosing products from reliable companies. Before making a purchase, it is important to verify that the manufacturer is trustworthy. A manufacturer of wooden cutlery should have certificates confirming the compliance of the products with relevant standards and the quality and origin of the raw material from which they are manufactured. The documents are not only proof of ecological work, but also confirm that the offered wooden cutlery can come into contact with food.

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