How to use ice cream sticks?


Wooden sticks are primarily associated with the consumption of desserts. It is important to note that chopsticks can also be used in other areas. What are they?

Ice cream sticks – what can you make from them?

Before you decide to throw away your used chopsticks, it is worth considering the possibility of their practical use. Wooden sticks are the perfect material for creating unique decorations and home ornaments. Wooden sticks can be used to make, among other things, boxes of various shapes, flower pots, and photo frames. A very functional and at the same time eye-catching solution is to create coasters for glasses out of ice-cream sticks.

Unusual ornaments made of sticks have not only aesthetic functions, but also high practical values. Why? The beech or birch wood used in the production process is distinguished by durability and strength, thanks to which the products are resistant to harmful factors. The decorations can decorate your interior for a long time.

Creative sticks – fun for the little ones and beyond….

How can simple wooden sticks make children happy? It turns out that playing with ice cream sticks is not only interesting, but also developmental. Ice cream sticks are ideal for creating artwork, constructing colourful buildings and creating interesting patterns. Mixing, sticking and painting the sticks is extremely addictive, so it can become a way to occupy your free time.

Playing with sticks also has an educational dimension. How is this possible? Through creative play, children develop their imagination, as well as their manual skills by exercising what is known as small motor skills. In addition, the need for precise manipulation and matching of sticks increases concentration. A big advantage of wooden sticks is that they can be coloured. So children not only acquire manual skills, but also learn how to create a variety of colour combinations.

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