Wooden ice cream sticks - advantages and disadvantages


Wooden ice cream sticks are widely used in the food industry. They are primarily used for the consumption of ice cream. The peculiarities and characteristics of the production raw material mean that wooden products have their strengths and somewhat weaker points. How to recognize the brights and shadows of ice cream sticks?

Benefits of wooden ice cream sticks

One of the most significant advantages of wooden sticks is environmental friendliness. Wood decomposes much faster than harmful plastic, so it does not lead to degeneration of the environment. Moreover, they can be recycled and reused. Another benefit that should be mentioned is the comfort of use. The shape and texture of the ice cream sticks makes them fit easily in the hand, making it easier to consume desserts. Their neutrality is also of great importance. The sticks do not alter the taste experience.

Patyczki do lodów

Negative aspects of wooden ice cream sticks

Wooden ice cream sticks, like almost all creations, have their drawbacks, of course. Even top-quality wood can prove prone to breakage and cracking especially when in contact with hard products. To minimize the risk of breaking the stick, it is worth reaching for products made of beech or birch wood, the quality of which has been confirmed by appropriate certificates. Another slightly weaker side of wooden sticks can be considered disposable. What does this mean? For hygiene reasons, ice cream sticks should be used only for one-time consumption. However, there is no obstacle to turning this disadvantage into an advantage – all it takes is a little creativity. Once used, the sticks are perfect for creating a variety of constructions, patterns and multicolored artwork, which can become an unusual interior decoration.

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