Why choose certified wood products?


Wood is a very valuable raw material. Responsible and sustainable production is made possible by operating according to FSC standards. What are the benefits of wood certification?

FSC certification – responsible production and safe consumption.

In the production of wood products, environmental awareness and efficient use of raw materials are particularly important. Meeting the highest environmental, social and economic standards is possible through the use of wood bearing the FSC label. The certification guarantees that the material has been harvested without undue interference with the environment and processed in accordance with applicable standards. This gives the consumer the assurance that the purchased goods have been inspected at every stage of the production process. What should you know about certified wood products?

Principles and objectives of chain of custody certification.

FSC is an international organisation that sets standards for responsible forest management. Obtaining the FSC 100% certification is possible by fulfilling several conditions. First of all, the wood used for production must come exclusively from forests certified in the FSC system. In the case of the Polish market, one of the best proven sources are the State Forests. They provide high quality beech and birch wood, which is not only extremely functional, but also visually attractive.

The FSC 100% label guarantees that the product was not made at the expense of the forest environment, animals or other users. Chain of custody certification, on the other hand, verifies the material. The process involves tracking the material at each stage of production – from the time it is cut in the forest to the time the product is handed over to the consumer. The procedure aims to verify that the raw material has been correctly identified and processed according to the standards.

How does the production of wood products work?

The production of certified wood products must be carried out in an efficient and responsible manner. The best quality raw material is used to manufacture ice cream sticks, disposable cutlery or drink stirrers. It is worth noting, however, that the rest of the raw material is also put to practical use, for example in the production of wood chips. This ensures that no part of the wood harvested goes to waste.

Advantages of using birch and beech wood.

Beech and birch wood is characterised by its purity, strength and long durability. It is resistant to cracking and breaking. In addition, it is ideal for the manufacture of food contact products. It allows the production of smooth, hygienic and taste-neutral products. In addition, the possibility of free shaping makes the products comfortable to use.

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