Wood products - an ecological alternative to harmful plastic.


According to the Plastic Directive passed by the European Parliament, the introduction of plastic products to the market is prohibited. The provision comes into force as early as 2021 and covers, among others, products such as plastic cutlery, straws and polystyrene trays. Entrepreneurs must therefore find alternative ways to continue doing business. An ecological, functional and safe solution is to choose wood products. Wood products can be used in many industries and their quality is not questionable. In addition, they do not damage the ecosystem. What should you know about wooden products?

What are the provisions of the Plastics Directive?

The plastic products ban on the European market is due to the high harmfulness factor of the raw material. Businesses using plastic products must empty their warehouses by 3 July 2021 at the latest. Why? Plastic cutlery, straws, disposable plates, cups and trays are very difficult to dispose of and therefore pollute the environment. In addition, they account for around 70% of all marine litter. This is particularly dangerous for aquatic flora and fauna.

Characteristics and uses of wood products.

Wood is one of the most ecological raw materials. Not only is it a renewable source of energy, but it can also be recycled many times. One of the most significant advantages of wooden articles is their easy processing and rapid decomposition. As a result, wood does not have a degenerative effect on the ecosystem. Where can wood products be used?

Despite appearances, wooden products are not only used in the food industry, although they are of course an important part of it. Ice-cream sticks, drink stirrers and cutlery have long dominated the food industry and are still undergoing rapid development.

However, wood can also be used in other areas. Disposable spatulas are ideal for use in medical facilities, particularly in doctors’ surgeries. They can also be used in cosmetic procedures, such as applying wax.

What are the advantages of choosing wooden products?

Being eco-friendly is not the only advantage of wooden products. Wood is extremely functional. It is lightweight, convenient and comfortable to use. Moreover, its versatility means that it can be safely used for both cold and hot dishes.

The safety benefits are also worth mentioning. The articles are manufactured only from certified raw materials, such as beech or birch wood. In addition, they are perfectly smoothed during production, so they pose no danger to the user.

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